In the Wild West, Non Humans struggled against each other while the pioneering Humans were caught in the crossfire. Vampires clinging to the Old Ways tried to gain control of the young American West. Werewolves wished to be left alone, but became some of the most infamous outlaws in the West. Druids wished to leave in peace and found themselves fighting for survival. 

In Denver City, Colorado Territory, a young man with a hopeless future finds solace in a new pack. His life is then ripped away from him after a bloody confrontation with Vampires. As he travels to the territory of Arizona, a new story begins. 

A woman stricken with grief leaves the luxury of Boston for the young American West. She purchases land, and sets up a ranch in a new territory. There, she joins in one of the toughest battles Non Humans fought against the Iron Oath. 

Part of The Veiled Monarch series, The Veiled West: Colorado and The Veiled West: Arizona follows two Werewolves who helped shape the West. The Veiled West is coming soon from author Shae Bryant. 

The Veiled West is ©Shae Bryant 2018 - 2021

© 2018 - 2021 by Shae Bryant.