Shae Bryant


The Secret of Vod

by Shae Bryant

Cael City Chronicles #1


Life isn't easy for people who can't use magic. In Cael City, it's worse. 


Lark Whitby is trying to get her Dad off the deadly drug called Vod. Lately, the drug has been getting easier and easier to find. Her only hope is to get a job uptown and get both of them away from Cael City.


When a new job becomes her lucky break, Lark sees a light at the end of the tunnel. Until her association with the Magi uptown sends her running to save her Dad and her friends. ​

The Secret of Vod is available in episodes on Patreon or Kindle Vella. Full-length novel coming soon!

The Secret of Magic

by Shae Bryant

Cael City Chronicles #2

Coming soon!