Shae Bryant

Fantasy and historical fiction.


S.B. Theater Podcast

SB Theater takes the listener on a journey with a full cast of voice actors, ambient sound, effects and professional narration. Each episode covers a chapter in one of Shae's novels. 

Currently, SB Theater is presenting "The Veiled Monarch." 


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Our Cast

Main Cast

Paul Cotton as Vince Moretti

Taylor Fehr as Catherine Kleyman

Benj Pake as Leo Moretti 

Shae Bryant as Raina Escobar 

Karl Hynes as Faulkner

Persephone Rose as Darius Peck

John Eddy Jr. as Isaac Carillo

Julia Ristow as Chloe Neason

Tyler R. Lee as Brian Neason

Angelique Lazarus as Erin Neason

Eric Umstott as Jacob Stuart

Shannon C. as Anika Hines

Connor Miranda as Louis Yang

Aurore Gautheur as Sophie Marchand

Supporting Cast

Angelique Lazarus as Janet

Dustin Sanborn as Brutus

Matt Bain as Carlos de la Rosa

Kristen Martin as India

Harry Bishpo as Nathan Sutherland

Abby Rose as Belle Patricio

JD Nevar as Kevin Anderson

David Garcia as Jose

Joe Moore as "Georgia officer"

JD Nevar as "Florida officer" 

Alex as Alex, James, Bartender

Ian Romero as Receptionist