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What the heck is going on?

Normally, I give you all updates based on new posts and stories. This time it's different. Not only is this going to newsletter subscribers, but also to the blog. There is a lot happening and I am very excited!

No, I am not talking about how we all got COVID. Everyone in my family has made a recovery, thank God. I am talking about writing and what I am up to. I had this grand plan to work on two different series and throw in a historical fiction novel sometime next year. Every one of those plans have changed, and it is outstanding.

A publisher has taken an interest in The Veiled Monarch and the Veiled Monarch series. I had to edit, chop, butcher and re-write the entire novel. I'm not even mad. I feel like I created a much better book, and I'm grateful for the chance! Currently, I am waiting on the final decision. This one is a nail biter! They could easily say, "Nope. Don't like it."

What happens if they tell me that? Oh, I'll be bummed for a few minutes. Then I'll pick up and continue on. This series is still coming out. I've become fairly well-versed in the world of indie authors, and I am confident in my marketing background.

For now, "The Tin Photo" is being worked on as I have time for it. Moving forward into 2021, I will work on The Veiled Monarch series. All four books will have their drafts completed and done before I move on to anything else. What comes after that? I don't know. It really depends on what a publisher wants to see from me. There are two other series I want to work on, and I would like to continue work on the historical fiction novels as well.

This is excellent news for me, and for those of you who enjoy reading!

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