• Shae Bryant

What's Up With the Ink?

I have nine tattoos currently, and I plan on quite a few more. In fact, I found an artist here in the Denver area who has me on her waiting list. I am looking forward to adding number ten this Summer! Quite a few people ask me what tattoos I have and if there is a meaning to any of them.

I have two large tattoos on my right arm. You can see the band-aid from my COVID vaccine in the photo. Both of those tattoos are tributes to my Grandmother who always had music in her life. A peaceful waterfall with music rushing down and a hymnal with her birth flower were fitting memorials.

Speaking of my Grandma, my first tattoo took forever to get because she said I couldn't have one. No, she wasn't being strict or stingy. She had her reasons, and I respected them. When I turned 30, she relented and said she thought it was OK for me to get a treble clef on my wrist. That's just what I got.

There are two Disney tattoos on my back. One is a tattoo of the traditional Mickey ears with Minnie's bow and the other is the lantern from Tangled. The Disney tattoo is a reminder of a photo I have with my Dad at Disney World. My Dad died when I was 15 years old, and I like to keep small memories in place.

My left arm is what I like to call my "geek arm." It's going to be full of dorky references. On the shoulder is a tattoo of Aslan in front of the White Tree of Gondor. I'm pretty sure we can all figure that meaning out. Underneath it is the most recent tattoo which is the mythosaur skull from Star Wars. If you aren't aware, the mythosaur skull is the symbol of the Mandalorians. I'm sure you are aware Shae Bryant isn't my real name, but do you know who Shae Vizla is? Only the baddest Mandalorian in the galaxy!

Then there are the small rings on my finger. I joke these are my most bad ass tattoos. They were done by an amazing lady in the middle of a smoky biker club house in the South. I can only wear my wedding ring, because I ride a lot. Gloves aren't great for rings. So, I had them tattooed on!

What am I adding this Summer? You'll have to stick around and find out.