• Shae Bryant

What's next?

With The Tin Photo in full swing and The Veiled Monarch still getting great feedback, people are beginning to ask me "What's next?"

I know many of you are hoping for book 2 of The Veiled Monarch. That is coming soon, I promise. It is not the next book.

Coming up is the beginning of a new fantasy series called "Varial." Book 1 of Varial is "The Technomancer", the story of a powerful Wizard who arrives in the world of Varial and introduces a new magic. Once the citizens of Varial realize what's happening, it's too late to stop the magical revolution.

"The Technomancer" is due out sometime in the Summer of 2021.

Take heart, fans of "The Veiled Monarch!" Once "The Technomancer" is finished, the next book will be the second installment in the series. You can always find out what's coming by checking out my "upcoming" page. I've always got something planned.