• Shae Bryant

What Inspired...? Vincenzo Moretti.

The Veiled Monarch has become a series of urban fantasy books that follow the lives of some very interesting characters. People I knew inspired many of them. One of the principal characters in the novel is Vincenzo Moretti, the woefully out-of-touch Vampire who constantly struggles with his humanity. What and who inspired Vince? I'm about to tell you. Vince's name came from a character a friend of mine created in the late 1990s. We ran a tabletop game of Vampire: the Masquerade together, and he played a character named Vince. When I created the character, I had to give him a name. My mind immediately went to my friend Rory's character and the many hours of hilarity we all had playing that game. Vince, it was! His personality partially came from a TV show that my friends and I watched "back in the day." One based on the same tabletop game I just mentioned. The show was called "Kindred: the Embraced." To tell you the truth, it was a campy show that was great for the time. If you catch episodes on YouTube, you'll see that it didn't age well.

I wanted to make Vince a stereotypical Vampire in many ways. Some of that was pulled from the characters in Kindred: the Embraced. Especially the main character played by actor Mark Frankel. Vince was a shrewd and rich entrepreneur who took pride in the wealth he had established. The character of Julian Luna was similar and helped me further flesh out Vince.

Getting away from the stereotypes, I took some more inspiration from a friend of mine in South Florida. A man I knew who was a Police Officer and worked part-time as a model. He knew how to enter a room, how to make an appearance and how to dress. The commanding presence was what I decided for Vince, pulling that piece of my friend's personality into Vince's own. It caused some unintended comedy when Vince would take on that trait, yet still be out of touch with modern customs and manners.

While Vince always seems to be well-dressed, I can tell all of you a secret. If Vince were left to his own devices, he would dress in Hawaiian shirts and khakis. Anika Hines and Leo both pick out his clothes for him. Otherwise, he would be like a bad character out of Miami Vice.

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