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What Inspired Vince Moretti?

Vincenzo "Vince" Moretti is one of my major characters in "The Veiled Monarch" series. He is an old Vampire who is a bit out of touch with modern times. Despite that, Vince tries to adapt to today's society and quell the Vampiric side in favor of a more Human touch.

I rarely ever find inspiration in actors, movies or TV for characters. I really don't watch enough TV or movies to pull from them. However, Vince's looks were inspired by an actor. Mark Frankel's character in Kindred: The Embraced fit Vince perfectly.

Yes, it's based on Vampire: The Masquerade. Yes, I absolutely played it. Yes, it's a stereotype. Yes, I wanted that. Fite me. I really wanted to create a heavy stereotype of a Vampire with Vince. The suave, handsome man who was rich beyond belief, acted a gentleman, but has a murderous side, owns a nightclub...you know, the usual.

Let's go back to Vampire: The Masquerade. "Oh Shae, you aren't!" Oh yes, I am. And I did. I played the tabletop and LARP (I enjoyed it, damn it!) for many years. During a long table top campaign, a buddy of mine named Rory created a powerful character to keep the players in line. The character's name was Vince. Nothing about my buddy's character had to do with Vince except for the name. Thanks to Rory's overpowered craziness (and hours of fun), if I think "Vampire", I think of Vince. Obviously, the name had to get in there somewhere.

Vince's personality was also a little different from others. Most characters are a collection of people I know or have known. For Vince, I pulled from the stereotypes I wanted to perpetuate. I thought of every Vampire movie, show, book and game I have ever played. Every character I ever liked had pieces of their personality that were glued together to create Vincenzo Moretti.

After I created the most ridiculous stereotype ever, I asked myself several questions. All of them had the overlying tone of how to make him more of a person, and a little less ridiculous. Vince's personality and drive were further fleshed out when I answered those questions. At that point, I felt I had created a rather tongue-in-cheek character. He definitely has some nods to the stereotypes, but he also has his own personality and quirks that make him a little more relatable and well-rounded.

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