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What inspired Theodric Faulkner?

Theodric Faulkner is our favorite over-confident villain who swoops in to South Florida and creates havoc. He is a Vampire with a past that connects him to Vince Moretti, and the two of them have a score to settle. So, what inspired Faulkner and his antics?

I'll be honest. Faulkner is a character that I had very little to work with when he was first created. The original character appeared in the audio drama, and the plan was to have him die off after a couple of episodes. My initial plan was to create a smooth-talking bad guy that listeners would enjoy, but also leaving them waiting for his demise.

When voice actor Karl Hynes stepped in to fill the role of Faulkner, the character became much more than I expected. Hearing Karl give Faulkner a smooth Irish dialect with raspy, taunting undertones made my mind wander. I realized that there was much more to Faulkner than I had initially planned.

Karl became so invested in the character that the two of us had a few brainstorming sessions when I decided to keep Faulkner around. He became a character with a fleshed out past, and a story that needed to be told. I have to give major credit to Karl for helping create this character. Otherwise, he would have been a one-off who died at the hands of Vince Moretti after two or three chapters.

Faulkner's appearance came from my own mind, pulling up images that were conjured when I wrote and heard the character. Since much of him was inspired by Karl, a few pieces of Faulkner's appearance are based on Karl's own looks. The rest came from a mental image of a broad man, short in stature, and built like a brick house. I suppose the idea of Faulkner being a head buster was at the forefront when my mind conjured him up. (Disclaimer: this post has no image, because I can't draw a stick figure.)

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