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What Inspired Raina Escobar?

Raina is the main character and narrator of The Veiled Monarch series. Everything that happens is through her eyes and recollection. She is a Detective who has struggled to blend in with a Human world while being born a Druid. Her wit and sarcasm often come at the most inopportune times. Who inspired this character?

It's no secret I like to create strong female leads in my stories. Raina is no exception. When it comes time to create a female character, I pull from women I know or have known. Again, Raina is the same. She was based on several women I knew in South Florida.

Raina's looks and background were based on a woman I knew who was born into a family of Cuban immigrants. Because of her past, I am leaving her name out so her personal life remains private. Her home life was a little rough. Her parents ignored her, and she was put out of the house the moment she turned 18. Instead of letting this break her down, she built herself up, make a life for herself and later became a successful single Mother.

Raina's looks were based on her as well. She was always a pretty lady with a hardness in her face that came from years of fighting to make it. Those expressions, mannerisms, and the overall look fit Raina very well.

Part of Raina's personality was taken from a very dear friend of mine named Amanda. We often joked about Amanda's sarcasm and dark humor. While Amanda can be very animated, I focused on the first side of her personality to create Raina's dry delivery. Like Raina, Amanda also struggled with a difficult childhood, and she has come out of it a successful and strong woman.

Some people will ask if there's a self-insert with Raina. The answer is "yes, but..." Obviously, I chose women who had struggled growing up. I too had a rough childhood that could have made me into a giant mess as an adult. Like the two women I based Raina off of, I became my own woman, and allowed the past to teach me — not define me.

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