• Shae Bryant

What Inspired Leo Moretti?

Leo Moretti is our favorite young Human who has a Vampire for a Father. He is a precocious, strong-willed 18-year-old with a skewed view of the world around him. So what and who inspired Leo?

Leo's initial inspiration was taken from one of my own kids. The embarrassment Leo feels, his sullen attitude towards important things, and his need to live in an adult world when he is barely 18 was all inspired by the two teenagers in my house. Like mine, Leo is a young man who hasn't quite grown up yet, but he desperately wants to. Many of the actions the older characters make towards Leo are a reminder that he should embrace being young. These are things I did at home repeatedly.

The comedy relief between Leo and his Dad came from many amusing moments between my husband and his kids. Each of these moments was turned up to about fifty (not to fifty!). When you take a Vampire like Vince and pair him with a young Human, hilarity is guaranteed to ensue. Vince is so out of touch with modern times, and Leo constantly tries to convince his Dad to get up to date.

Leo's appearance was again inspired by someone I knew in the past. I had gone to school with someone who was adopted, but they looked very much like their Dad. Like Leo, my friend resembled his family even though they weren't related by blood. Leo is a dark-haired, brown-eyed, strong-featured youth who may very well be a descendant of Vincenzo Moretti. Is he really? No. But it's fun to think he may be.

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