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What Inspired Catherine Kleyman?

Catherine Kleyman is our bubbly, bright-eyed rookie Detective who finds herself in a whirlwind of Non Human activity. She has quickly become a favorite among beta readers of "The Veiled Monarch", and I hope she will be a fan favorite too. What inspired this positive young woman?

Catherine's personality is a collection of every person I have ever known from a small town. My own family comes from two small towns in Southeastern Ohio and West Virginia. I have seen several family members move from those small areas to larger cities.

Like Catherine, they are in a state of culture shock. Life moves at a much faster pace. Time to stop and talk with someone doesn't happen very often, and you don't get to know your neighbors or have them over for coffee. It is a change that they go through quietly, trying to settle in to life as normal.

Why the motorcycle? Because Catherine is the last person you would think might ride a motorcycle. Most people see the young, happy blond as someone with a sports car or maybe even an SUV. Rarely do they think she may roll along on a Sportster. I wanted to throw a wrench into the stereotype and remind people that women of all walks of life ride. Why the Sportster? It was my first bike.

Catherine's appearance was based on the mindset of the towns my family lives in. In her small town, Catherine was the "All-American girl" with blond hair, blue eyes, petite figure and a bright smile. While the idea of that is one that I find very backwards, it still exists in many places across the United States. Her appearance was also very loosely based on actress Katee Sackhoff's character in "Longmire."

As a side note: I had no idea that character's last name was Moretti until I saw the show. I watched an episode long after I created "The Veiled Monarch", and I found that pretty funny!

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