• Shae Bryant

What Inspired...Catherine Kleyman?

Catherine Kleyman is the naïve, young blond Detective from a tiny town in South Carolina. She comes to Miami with ideas of creating a lucrative career for herself. After being teamed up with fellow Detective and Druid Raina Escobar, Catherine's life turns upside down.

Unlike other characters, Catherine was not based on one person. Catherine's wide-eyed surprise at life in South Florida is based on everyone I ever met who was not a native to the area. As someone who was born and raised in South Florida, I have seen the culture shock on several faces. I took each one into account when I created Catherine.

Catherine's small town mentality came from several people I have known in my life. Most of my family comes from small towns in West Virginia and Ohio. There is a different way of thinking in those areas, and a different way of life. Things are slower, more outdated and more in a bubble than the rest of the Country. (At least, I think so.) Like many of my relatives, Catherine had to learn and adapt to the rest of the world.

I wanted Catherine to look as "All American" as possible. Especially because most people from those small towns tend to perpetuate that stereotype. A young and pretty blond who wears comfy casual clothes were perfect. But I had to add something fun to Catherine's personality. Something unexpected.

She isn't the type to own and ride a motorcycle, but I've seen that stereotype shattered many times in my years of riding. A motorcycle it is! A Harley-Davidson Sportster was the first bike I ever rode — and dropped. I thought I should pay homage to my first by giving Catherine a Sportster herself. Much of Catherine's looks were based on actress Katee Sackhoff and her role in the "Longmire" TV show. Something about her mannerisms and appearance worked for me. After finding out that the actress also rides, she was a perfect inspiration for Catherine! As a side note, I had no idea that character's last name was Moretti. Vince was already an established character by then. It was funny, though!

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