• Shae Bryant

What do I Watch?

I'm not much of a TV watcher. Anytime someone asks about "that great new show", I haven't seen it. Or, I tried to watch it and the show just sucked. A perfect example is the new show "Sex/Life" on Netflix. I managed to make it through ten minutes of the first episode before turning it off. The show was terrible, and bored me to tears. When it comes to other shows, someone once said "sitcoms are the lowest form of entertainment." I can't agree with that statement more. Sitcoms aren't funny, they aren't entertaining, and I don't like them.

Of course, all of this is my own opinion. You like what you like. I don't have to like it. You don't have to like what I like either.

Do I watch any shows at all? Yes. I do. Most of them are older shows that I've found on Prime or Netflix. Some are ongoing or more recent. Here are the top 5 shows I've watched in the last few months.

#5. The Last Kingdom - This was...ehhh...it was good. Yeah. It was good. The problem is, I read the books before watching the show. So, I picked apart everything that happened and said "Wait, that wasn't in the books!" Or "That happened different!" I probably should have watched the show before reading the books. I would have enjoyed it more.

#4. Edwardian Farm - This show is a bit older, and I've watched the series once before. I enjoyed a re-watch thanks to a friend of mine who was interested in the series. Two archaeologists and one domestic historian recreates history by living an Edwardian life in the UK for a year. It's a fun and interesting watch if you enjoy living history.

#3. Barnwood Builders - I call this my "brainless show." Barnwood Builders is what I turn on when I am doing something else and I just need background noise. Despite that, I kind of enjoy the banter between the people on the show. A lot of them remind me of my own relatives in West Virginia, and I do enjoy catching glimpses of the history of each cabin.

#2. The Patriot - OK it's not a show, it's a movie. I watch movies about as much as I watch TV shows. While this is an older movie that I haven't seen in years, I re-watched it with my husband recently. The combination of Revolutionary War history, well-done action scenes, great costuming and an engaging story makes this worth watching more than once.

#1 Time Team - I can't get enough of this show and the endless episodes available online and on YouTube. Time Team is a show where archaeologists have three days to discover the secrets of dig sites around the UK. It also prominently features Phil Harding's shorts and his hat (if you watch the show, you'll get it.) The show is a history lovers dream, along with some very engaging folks who enjoy sharing their passion. Oh, and Time Team is coming back! Seriously, go watch their YouTube channel.

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