• Shae Bryant

Tons of new Reads for Fall

Yes, I know. It's still technically Summer. Here in Colorado, the setting sun is turning a butterscotch yellow, and the deep oranges and pinks of Fall is starting to show. In the mountains, the foliage is beginning to turn shades of gold and yellow, and the wildlife is coming out to play earlier in the evening. Fall is on the way. Which means it is time to find some new things to read!

First, I would like to mention The Hangman's Turn by A.E. Johnson. A historical fiction piece focusing on the town of Nottingham in the early 19th century. Town executioner, George Smith, has seen some of the worst villains within the walls of Nottingham Gaol, robbers, thieves, highwaymen, rapists, and murderers. At the end of George's rope, they all meet their fate. With the town changing, he will need to change as well, seeing the innocent upon Gallows Hill was not what he had in mind for his town. Fate is placed into the hands of the hangman. You can purchase this book on Amazon.

Second, I will mention Fifteen Postcards by Kirsten McKenzie. Historical fiction, time travel and modern day all combine to create this novel. Determined to save the antiques store she has inherited from ruin after the unexplained disappearance of her parents, Sarah Lester discovers a jumbled collection of vintage postcards which lead her on a journey through time. Unprepared for the story the postcards weave about their reclusive former owner, Sarah’s life is thrown into disarray as she is transported to Victorian London, colonial New Zealand and to the British Raj in nineteenth century India. Sarah’s journey through time could solve the mystery of her parents’ disappearance. But one impossible question remains: what will staying in the past do to her future? You can purchase this book on Amazon.

Speaking of historical fiction, here are thirty-six different titles to choose from. You may notice some familiar names in there. Yes, including mine. A few of these books have landed on my "to read" list.

Have you heard of Kindle Vella yet? Yes, you have. I'm sure. I'm still using it, and still pretty confident it won't work in the long run. But I'll stay on that hype train as long as it lasts. While others are doing the same, here's some fantasy reads available on Vella right now.