• Shae Bryant

The Real People in The Tin Photo

The Tin Photo spanned four generations in the United States beginning with Matko Zjdelar's immigration. As you know, many of these stories were true and based on people that I don't only know, but I'm related to. I have several photos of some of the real people who the characters were based on.

Of course, everything started with the tin photo itself. This is it. This is the real tin photo. My biological Great Grandfather arrived in the United States from Serbia at the turn of the century. He and his family did change their name while in Pennsylvania, and he did pass away in 1933. My Great Grandmother and Great Aunt both said his illness was from the coal mines, but his death certificate says he had stomach cancer.

This is the only photo my family has of him. No photos of him as a grown man survived. If they did, we've never seen them.

These are all photos of family members who were people you got to know in The Tin Photo. To protect their identity, I'm not including names or who they are. Let's see if you can guess who is who! I'll give you a hint, the real life Samuel and the real life Helen are in these photos.

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