• Shae Bryant

Ten Fantastic Gifts for Tea Lovers

Picking out presents for your favorite book lover can be difficult. Getting them books or a gift certificate is very outdated. Most book lovers are also obsessed with tea or coffee. If your favorite reader is a tea lover, it is easy to find splendid gifts for them. Here are ten great ideas for the tea lover in your life.

10. Matcha Bowl Set - $35 - Amazon Great for the person who needs their matcha latte in the morning. This set comes with bamboo whisk, spoon, bowl and bamboo tray.

9. Cold Brew Tea Bottles - $39 - Anthropologie

Good for travel! These cold brew tea bottles hold loose leaf tea and whatever else you need to add to your morning cup.

8. Jumping Teapot - $43.50 - Amazon

Mean to help the tea leaves breathe as they infuse with the water. This sleek teapot looks good on any table.

7. Tea Drops - $34.00 - Uncommon Goods

Just drop in and stir for a cup of herbal or blended tea in seconds.

6. Teacup Necklace - $8.82 - Etsy

These customizable necklaces are a great reminder that it's always time for tea.

5. Tea Sampler - $45.99 - Amazon

This tea sampler includes teas from around the world and comes with a tasting booklet.

4. English Breakfast Tea - $8.25 - Amazon

A staple for any tea lover. English breakfast tea is the perfect cup for the morning!

3. Royal Albert Tea Set - $165 - Wedgwood

This tea set is everything for the indulgent tea lover. Perfect for a proper tea party on a sunny afternoon.

2. The Tea Towel - $14.99 - Uncommon Goods

Everything you needed to know about tea in one lovely little towel.

1. Jardin Gift Set - $49 - Tea Forte

A beautiful tea set created with the New York botanical gardens. Perfectly pink and pretty!

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