• Shae Bryant

So I got COVID.

We have been careful with wearing masks, distancing and keeping our circle small. Unfortunately, my son's High School has not listened to the pleading from the Health Dept. to shut down, and there was an outbreak. My son contracted it. Then the entire house did. (Fuck you, Williamson County Schools. You are going to kill someone.)

I can completely understand how this virus can harm someone who isn't in good health. My son and husband got the worst of it. Both of them are still dealing with lasting effects. My daughter and I have fully recovered. The only thing we are waiting on is our sense of smell to return completely.

Unfortunately, contracting COVID put a damper on things. All the work related plans I had for writing more and promoting went out the window. I could barely sit up on the couch for a week without needing a nap. I definitely couldn't write or work on social stuff.

We had to spend Thanksgiving quarantined at home and connected with our family over Zoom. The day after, I found out my Mom and Step Dad tested positive for COVID. A co-worker of my Step Dad knew he had the virus and still went to work. I'm happy to say they have also made a full recovery after a couple of worrisome days.

I feel like I am back in the saddle now. It took a few weeks to get through this thing, but I'm here. Now, wear your masks. Wash your hands and be careful. I want you to be healthy!

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