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The news archives from the past months are now located here. All news will be on the blog from here on out. 9/8/20

The Veiled West now available!

Read the exciting prequel to The Veiled Monarch! A selection of short stories, written by the people who lived in Cochise County , Arizona territory. Read about the struggle between Non Human groups in a time where things were not near as friendly as they are today. The Veiled West is a piece of urban fantasy like you have never read before! The Veiled West is available for purchase on the Home and Books page. 


The Veiled West paperback has been delayed. 

The paperback version of The Veiled West has been delayed for a couple of more days. To be honest, it was my own fault. I screwed up the text margins. Because of that, I had to resubmit the entire cover design and get it approved a second time. Once the paperback has been approved and is live on the store, I'll be officially releasing The Veiled West. For now, it is available on ebook and will be coming to Nook and other retailers very soon!


The Veiled Monarch is on sale!

Starting Monday, September 13th, you can get The Veiled Monarch for 0.99 on Kindle! From September 15th - September 18th, The Veiled Monarch is $1.99 on Kindle. At 8 AM PDT on September 18th, The Veiled Monarch goes back to normal price. You can always get The Veiled Monarch for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited user! Grab your copy this week and take advantage of the sale! 


The Tin Photo is now available.

A true short story is now available only on Amazon. The Tin Photo is the story of my own family's secret that unraveled thanks to an old Bible, a tin photo and modern technology. This true story is the precursor of a new novel that will be coming out late '20/early '21. 

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