• Shae Bryant

My Favorite Books as a Kid

I think many of us who write can remember reading as a child. I'm not sure how many of you were like me, but I "pretended" I could read before I was able to actually read. I have some very fond memories of a few different books or series through my life. Here are a few of them.

One childhood book I remember is "The Poky Little Puppy". Obviously, I was very young when that book was read to me, but it was a favorite of mine. My poor Grandparents had to read it over and over again. Eventually, I was able to read it myself. Or maybe I was just able to memorize the words.

When I started to read, I remember a large stack of Little Golden Books that were all Sesame Street related. Every one of the books were meant to educate and teach kids. I don't think I cared at the time. I just read them and read them until the covers started to crease from use.

After that, I got a little nerdy. My Dad was a Chemistry and Biology teacher who had textbooks on his shelf. I can remember being very young and taking out those textbooks, trying to decipher things in it. Of course, Dad was all too happy to explain things to me.

The first real dive into fantasy came from a teacher of mine. She started reading a book to our class that had me leaning forward waiting for the next line. I was transported into a world beyond a wardrobe where animals talked and a great lion helped four children become heroes. Of course, it was "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". Once I got my hands on "The Chronicles of Narnia", I read the entire series more than once. It was and still is among my absolute favorites.

Around Middle School age, I thought it would be "cool" to do a book report on a pretty big book. I had seen advertisements for the movie "The Client" and knew it was a book as well. So, I bought the book and did my report on that. By then, you could not stop me from reading the more adult-oriented novels. YA and kids books became a thing of the past once I picked up the works of John Grisham. From there, I continued to devour novels from front to back.