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Have You Joined my Newsletter?

If no? Why not? Let me tell you what you get if you join the newsletter. You get sneak peeks at things way before anyone else does! Things like cover reveals, what's coming up and even exclusive peeks at chapters or scenes in upcoming novels. You will also be the first to know when a novel is discounted or free.

How do you join? Easy. Go to the home page and scroll down. You can enter your email address there and subscribe. I promise, I don't spam people. I don't even send out newsletters every week. I only send them out when I have something to say.

And if you really like me (and you understand what it's like to be an independent creator) then you can buy me a cup of coffee. When you support me on Ko-fi, you get a lot of things that even newsletter subscribers don't get. Things like full chapters, full covers when the bloggers get them, and some exclusive secrets. (Did I create enough urgency there?)

Whether it's joining the newsletter, buying me a cup of coffee, or telling your friends how much you enjoyed a book, I appreciate it!

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