• Shae Bryant

Currently Reading: The Last Kingdom

I'll admit, I rarely watch TV unless I'm binging Time Team or some other history show that I find interesting. I was told by several people that "The Last Kingdom" was a good show and I should watch it. I just had other things to do. I found the first book in the series quite awhile ago and put it on my Goodreads list.

It begins with a compelling introduction to the narrator (also the main character) and then dove right in to the story. Murder, war, an invasion, a kidnapping!? That's just the first chapter. I was hooked on the story from page one and I can not seem to make enough time to keep reading.

So far, I'm only a few chapters in and I find myself often wondering what's going to happen next. Every chance I get, I'll go through a little bit and I always groan when I have to put it down. This book is great. I can not wait to dive into the rest of the series. How many do I have to go? Twelve? Thirteen?

I just have to ask myself one question - what took me so long to read these books!?

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