• Shae Bryant

Bouncing Back

It's been an emotional road for my family since I last posted. We have had a very mixed bag since the day Jazz died. We knew we'd adopt another dog from a rescue, and we also knew that rescues take awhile to come through. So, we filled out some adoption forms and took our time to grieve for Jazz.

Very soon after we filled out an application, a local rescue called us. They had rescued two pregnant females who ended up with large litters. Overwhelmed with dogs and puppies, the lady was desperate to find loving homes. After explaining our situation, she brought a pup over for a home visit. I figured a home visit would be first, then the adoption process would go through. Nope! That very day Zero came into our life.

Now we have a new family member who can't ever take Jazz's place, but he has helped with the grief and emptiness. Zero is an energetic 3-month-old Heeler mix who has already found his place in our lives and hearts.

Besides running around after a puppy, I have been able to begin work on the next novel in the Appalachian Roots series. Previously titled "What Happened to Virginia?", the book has been re-titled "Is She Home?" and follows two generations of Americans through heartache and triumph.

Once again, this novel is based on a true story of my own family and I can not wait for you to enjoy it.