• Shae Bryant

A Sad Goodbye

We adopted our dog Jazz from a shelter in late 2008. She was 5 months old and standing on top of a doghouse, challenging the other puppies for her spot as Queen of the Castle. We should have known then Jazz was going to be the dog who ran the roost. Over the last 13 years, Jazz has been a wonderful friend, companion, pizza crust stealer, bed stealer and our resident lazy dog. She didn't care where she was as long as it was around her people. As long as she was close to us, that was OK. In the last year or so, Jazz's health started to decline. So did her mind. When we moved to Colorado, we were so concerned about her health that we had to make sure the vet cleared her for such a big move. Just three months later, we had the difficult conversation with Jazz's new vet. It was time to make the most compassionate decision for Jazz. Yesterday, Jazz laid down on a fuzzy blanket while her favorite people held onto her. She fell asleep hearing us tell her how much we loved her and thanking her for 13 wonderful years. Rest well, sweet girl. You are going to be sorely missed.