• Shae Bryant

A Peek at Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of "The Tin Photo" has been drafted, written, rewritten and finalized. I would like to give all of you a sneak peek at the chapter and what is going into it. A family separated arrives on American shores in 1907, taking a long trip from New York to Pennsylvania. When they finally reunite, they find that life in America is not as easy as they hoped.

A brassy voice yelled from the open front door, shaking her arms like a tree in a storm. Marija jumped at the sharp noise, making eye contact with the intimidating figure who stared down her broad nose at them. The woman’s curly dark hair swept back into a messy style. She had a long face shaped like a perfect oval, but her jaw and eyelids drooped down so low that it seemed her skin was protesting its position on her body.

“Tell them there’s no room!” Her calloused hands smacked the dirty apron, “No rooms!”

“There’s no place for you here, Miss.” The man said.

Marija looked past him, confused at all of the shouting. When she closed her eyes and shrugged, the woman groaned. “Does she speak English? Try and talk to her, Pete!”

“I speak English!” Matko offered. 

Pete nodded, “Is that your Mother?” 

“Yes sir. I’ll tell her.” He shifted to Marija, “She has no room. What do I say?” 

“Isn’t your Papa here?” Marija asked. 

Matko cupped his hands over his mouth, “We are here because my Papa is here!” 

“What’s his name, then?”

“Danilo Zjdelar.” He answered. 

Pete smiled, “Daniel. He lives here.” 

“Daniel?” Matko stared. 

“Mhmm.” Pete offered Matko a handshake, “Pete Schultz. The screaming banshee is Annie Crowell.” 

Annie pursed her thin lips, “I heard that, Schultz! See if you get any supper!” 

Pete put on a solemn face, bending his head towards Annie in penance. His eyes glowed with laughter when he turned to wink at Matko. The boy hid his mouth, working to stifle the giggle that threatened to escape while they walked up the unsteady steps. 

“I think Daniel’s wife and son have come.” Pete said. 

Annie strode onto the porch, inspecting Marija much like the Doctor on the island did. She didn’t approve of Marija’s smooth complexion and soft hands. Despite their journey, she managed to style her hair in the current fashion with a few wisps hanging around her heart shaped face. This woman looked barely above twenty-five. Marko was roughly twelve, and this boy had to be at least eighteen. How did someone so young have boys this age? 

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