• Shae Bryant

10 Gifts for Book Lovers

I know a number of people who love the feel of those smooth pages between their fingers. People who revel in the scent of old leather, dust and the earthiness of old paper. These same people take comfort in a sunny spot with a cup of tea in one hand and a good book in the other.

It's easy to look at those folks and think buying them a book is the best gift possible. I beg to differ! Book lovers can have a great many things that enhances their love of reading. Here are the ten gifts I think work well for any book lover.

#10. Bookstore scented candle. This lovely candle by Frostbeard studio is scented with rich wood, leather and a touch of yoru favorite latte. It's a great comforting scent for anyone who wants to feel like they are curled up with a good book. I also think it is a great scent for Fall!

#9. A Libro.fm membership.

A must for the audiobook lover in your life. Libro.fm's memberships allow you to purchase audio books as a gift, and your purchase helps local and independent bookstores in your area.

#8. Literary mugs

Let your book lover friend sip their coffee or tea along with their favorite great author. Uncommon Goods lets them enjoy some reading time along with authors like Jane Austen or Edgar Allen Poe. I'll take the Poe mug, thanks.

#7. A Personal Library Kit

For the person who has a huge collection that everyone needs to borrow from! This kit allows them to turn their beloved treasures into their very own library. Late fees aren't included, but you may end up paying them anyway.

#6. The "Book Seat"

It's a book holder and a comfy pillow all in one. Perfect for the person who travels often. They can enjoy a good read on the plane as well as a nap! Sadly, the book seat does not allow them more room if they are stuck in the middle seat.

#5. Nostalgic zipper pouches.

From "Clifford" to "Babar" to some retro book posters we all saw in school. These zipper pouches are a throwback for kids of the 70's, 80's and 90s that loved to read.

#4. Custom book locket

Tuck away your own message of friendship, love, or encouragement in this customized book locket. This little locket is made to order with options for custom messages and photos inside.

#3. Harry Potter book cover earrings

These tiny book covers are super cute, and great for any fantasy fan. The earring set features a couple of different covers of Harry Potter books. The shop also offers a number of literary trinkets and accessories.

#2. Library card coasters

These would look great on a table of smooth, dark walnut. They would look great on any table, really. Especially a table belonging to a book lover.

#1. Oxford comma mug

The mug that will cause a fight anytime it is used! Coffee, Books, and Oxford Commas proudly displays which side of the debate you are on. I kind of need this for me.

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