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Coming soon from Shae Bryant. Urban fantasy, dark fantasy, historical fiction and more!

The Tin Photo

Based on the true story of a family secret, The Tin Photo follows four generations from immigration to the United States to modern day. It unravels a secret that was kept for nearly 85 years with the help of modern day technology, an old family Bible, and one tin photo.

Varial Book 1: The Technomancer

Powerful Wizard David Quesada has found himself alone in a sea of followers. He looks back on the events that brought him to rule a land where magic and technology has fused into the grass itself. Awakening, and discovery has shaped his life over the last few centuries. None of it was possible without the help of some powerful friends. Was his betrayal worth it in the end? 

The Veiled Monarchy

When Vince Moretti receives a phone call from an old friend, he and Raina travel to Europe and help a private security firm. There, they uncover a secret the Iron Oath has been hiding away for centuries. Could this be their final battle? Or, is this the Iron Oath's ultimate path to victory over Non Humans?

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