About Shae

Author Shae Bryant is the creator of many dark and urban fantasy worlds. She is the author of "The Veiled Monarch" series and the upcoming "Varial" series. Before that, she was a marketing professional and a freelance voice over artist. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her family, their many pets and her motorcycle named Belle. 



Q. Where can I buy your books?

A. Check the "Books" page to find out how and where to buy each book.


Q. Who are your favorite authors?

A. JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Stephen Lawhead, Marcus Heitz, Ken Follett, Neil Gaiman.

Q. How did you come up with the ideas for these novels?

A. The Veiled Monarch and the Varial series were originally written as audio dramas. There were two world that needed to be explored further. The best way to explore that was through the eyes of a reader. I decided to create a novel based off of The Veiled Monarch audio drama, and realized I was in way too far over my head. I slowed down, and took some workshops and classes. 

Q. Why an indie author?

A. After the workshops and classes, I had the keys to get this done. Then, I was told, "You can't do it". I said "Watch me." Then I did it. I'm not here to make a ton of money and be the next Neil Gaiman. I am here to share my stories in the hopes just one person says "I got carried off in the story." As long as I hear that, I am happy. 

Q. What about audio books?

A. They are coming. The truth of the matter is, I got in over my head on that one too. A full cast audio book is a huge undertaking, and I don't have the budget for it. But, I will! Once that is acquired, there will be full cast audio books for each book. 

Q. You're not going to release an audio book until you can do full cast? That's going to take a long time. 

A. Says you.  

Q. How long was there a typo in your Amazon synopsis before you noticed?

A. Too long. 


Q. What type of bike do you own?

A, A 2019 Indian Scout. I used to have a Dyna (Fat Bob) and a Sportster before that. 

Q. Your tattoo. Is it...?

A. Yes, it is. It's Aslan in front of the White Tree of Gondor. 


Q. How many tattoos do you have?
A. Eight currently. Two on my back, two on the right arm, one on the left arm, one on the wrist and two on my fingers. I have two Disney tattoos, one book tattoo and I am getting a Star Wars tattoo. 

Q. What kind of music do you like?

A. Power metal, folk metal, traditional metal, battle metal, darkwave, synthpop, new wave, post punk, ambient, ethereal and new age. 

Q. What are your favorite bands/musicians?
A. Brothers of Metal, Serenity, Falconer, Tyr, Temperance, Turisas, Blind Guardian, Aurelio Voltaire, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Beast in Black, Sabaton, Masayoshi Soken, Nobuo Uematsu, Fawn, The Longest Johns, The Dreadnoughts, The High Kings, Corvus Corax,  Peter Murphy, David Arkenstone, Sizzle Bird.

Q. What games do you play?

A. Currently, I play FFXIV, SMITE and Stardew Valley. I play Mount and Blade, The Witcher, Assassins Creed, League of Legends and Crusader Kings II less frequent than the first three. 

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