Shae Bryant

YA fantasy and historical fiction author.

The Veiled Monarch

For centuries, the Iron Oath pledged to keep Humans safe and to help regulate the Non Human communities. As time changed the laws of the land, the shadowy organization lost its grip. In modern day Miami, Druid Detective Raina Escobar and her colleagues face off against the Iron Oath. They uncover how this secret organization has controlled their communities for centuries. How much will they sacrifice to expose the Iron Oath to the world?



Step into the world of The Veiled Monarch.

Step into a modern world where Humans live alongside animal whispering Druids, shifting Werewolves and night-dwelling Vampires. 

Join us in South Florida where Druid Detective Raina Escobar uncovers a plot from an ancient organization that is bent on controlling Non Humans. 

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