Shae Bryant


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Is She Home

by Shae Bryant

"This journey started when our Mother came from Ireland. One day, our family heartbreak will end." - Emma Quinn

A young Irish immigrant finds herself a domestic servant in New York City before the turn of the century. Her dreams and hopes are constantly shattered by fears until she faces them through letters and notes to her children. Emma, the eldest daughter, reads her Mother's memoirs, and makes a decision to bring her family back together.

Is She Home is based on a true story.


The Tin Photo

by Shae Bryant

Matko Zjdelar is a young immigrant arriving during an exciting time of change in the United States. When a heartbreaking event alters everything, a family secret is created and kept for nearly a century. The Tin Photo spans four generations of Americans as they discover their past and look to a future beyond Logan, West Virginia. 

"I was engrossed from the very beginning. The way this story is written and the characters you are introduced to are both profound." - McFly's Book Bliss